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Brick's Bar with Heart of Blonde

Last Saturday's gig at Brick's Rock Bar in Maywood was awesome. Heart of Blonde was incredible. I've heard a lot about that band. It was cool to share the stage with them and watch their set. I must confess, I love the Blondie hits, but don't know much about their deep catalog. Heart of Blonde did not disappoint by playing the hits, some lessor known songs, and covers by other bands.

The bast part of playing Brick's is large video screen that plays behind the band while we're on stage. That is a cool effect that not many venues have. The Mixx has something similar. We'll be LIVE AT THE MIXX on Saturday June 3rd! Apparently, Monsterpallooza is happening the same day at the Pasadena Convention Center. If you dig horror, the macabre, and live covers of The Cure, you must attend.

Thanks to all that came out to Brick's. I was dead tired that night but y'all gave me the energy to dig deep and bring the heat.

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