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I'm Coming To Find You If It Takes Me All Night

I'll take all night to find the perfect opportunity to consume great music, booze, and conversation. Seems like the three all go hand in hand quite honestly. Playing the songs of the band we love most is the perfect segue to lead to this trifecta of bliss - We get to play with other musicians who share

their love for their tribute bands, enjoy a traditional shot of Jameson, and meet some of the most amazing die-hard Cure fans.

Sharing these moments in a Cure tribute band like A Night Like This, delivered through voices singing familiar lyrics in the crowd, hits with a heavy dose of nostalgia. Invoking memories from a time and place that transcends us to the inner depths of every fucking emotion across the spectrum is the reason for playing these songs we love.

So yes, I'm coming to find you if it takes me all night, because I want to relive this trifecta one gig at a time any chance I can get.

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