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The Cure Shows of a Lost World

Sunday May 21, 2023 Chula Vista was the place to be. This was my fourth time seeing The Cure and I must say it was the best one yet. I think getting older and appreciating the good times really made me savor the moment. The evening was steeped in nostalgia and the electricity was palpable in the air. Who knows, this could be the last time we see The Cure. We just don't know...

The weather that night was exquisite for a Cure concert. Temps were in the low 60s, overcast with a steady light mist falling all night. There were threats of rain but it never materialized, just a constant steady mist that helped to set the mood. After THE TWILIGHT SAD's performance, the intermission "music" was a soundscape of thunder and rain background sounds. It may have been a sample from the intro of Prayers For Rain (or not). It was perfect.

The Cure opened up with a new song called ALONE. As openers go, this song could not have been more perfect given the weather, the setting, and the anticipation. The song's long brooding intro is reminiscent of the band's trademark sound. No other band in the world can pull this off like The Cure. Robert Smith walked onto the stage a few minutes into the song and walked up and down the stage, from one end to the other, making eye contact with fans and letting everyone know in his own quiet way, that this was going to be big.

As a musician the things that stood out to me were the new songs are light on guitars and heavy on synths and bass vi. I can't remember which song, but one of them featured Robert Smith and Reeves Gabrels both playing bass vi with Roger O'Donnell and Perry Bamonte on keys. If that's an indicator of the direction the new album is going, I can't wait to hear more. The other thing that stood out was the chemistry between Reeves Gabrels and Robert Smith. They really play off each other and are genuinely having a blast. Not like I need any more guitars, but that Reverend Spacehawk guitar that Reeves plays onstage sure looks tasty. I enjoyed watching Roger O'Donnell play and how he interacts with Robert Smith on the intro to A Forest and the verses in Play For Today. Subtle observations that the common fan won't pick up, but nuances that a keyboardist in a Cure tribute band can appreciate.

If you were in SD on Sunday May 21, please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.

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