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Our Story

THE CURE is a band who’s music has been the soundtrack of the 80’s and well beyond, were inducted  in 2019 into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame has successfully survived and thrived for over 40 years.  Songs like “Lovesong,” “A Forest” , “Boys Don’t Cry”, “Just Like Heaven” & “ Friday I’m In Love” are played on the radio daily. 


THE CURE  is as popular and loved today as they were when they began in the late 1970’s. No one wrote or looked quite like them, and no voice compares to Robert Smith’s and the many different incantations of the amazing band : Perry Bamonte, Jason Cooper, Michael Dempsey, Reeves Gabrels, Simon Gallup, Roger O'Donnell, Robert Smith, Porl Thompson, Lol Tolhurst and Boris Williams, Andy Anderson, Matthiue Hartley & Phil Thornalley. 


However, Los Angeles based tribute band, A NIGHT LIKE THIS, pride themselves on providing the most authentic Cure experience they can. Formed in 2021, ANLT has already established themselves an entertainment powerhouse.


Playing venues throughout Southern California, A NIGHT LIKE THIS  brings their audience the songs, sounds & the look of the band that continues to be the soundtrack for generations. ANLT has recently rocked such SoCal institutions as That 80s Bar, The New Wave Bar, The Mixx, The Ocean View Bar & Grill, and Boardners. 


A NIGHT LIKE THIS, performs a complete repertoire of The Cure favorites, from the early classics like “10:15 Saturday Night” and “Three Imaginary Boys,” to songs from their 80’s albums like “A Night Like This”, “Lovesong”  and, of course, “Pictures Of You.” The band also performs The Cure’s deeper cuts such as “Just One Kiss”, “Hanging Garden”, “Primary”, "Babble" and many, many more. The the song list page for a complete list. 


Meet The Band

Dirk - Vocals & Guitars
R26 - Bass
Andy Guitars, Bass Vi, Keys
Ramon - Guitars, Bass Vi, Keys
Gow - Drums, Samples

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